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In Cali, 60% of residents and 5% of children between age 0-4 are overweight. However, for children aged 5-12 this number is seven times greater (35%), which is mainly due to bad nutrition and inactivity. Walking and cycling are proven to have significant health benefits in the community. This augments the importance of working with children and adolescents in the present in order to influence the way they will choose to move around the city in the future.

Mobility surveys found that when Cali residents turn 15 years old, many of their walking trips are replaced by motorcycle trips, which is the second most popular mode of transport in low-income areas. This carries high risks for road safety, with half of all road crash fatalities in Colombia involving motorcyclists.

Partners in Cali

Vivo Mi Calle aims to improve the well-being of adolescents in low-income areas involving their voice in city planning and regeneration processes. The project includes the youth in the transformation of public spaces and connections through the selection of common locations and routes, the identification of the risks that limit their mobility and access to the public space, the definition of solutions based on best practices, and the implementation of these solutions with tactical urbanism (low-cost and high-impact interventions). Vivo Mi Calle is empowering adolescents to create safer environments.

Lead Partner


Well being

The project aims to improve the health, well-being of adolescents while empowering them through the regeneration and creation of safe public spaces and connections that foster their right to healthy cities.


Promote the voice and participation of adolescents in the creation of safe spaces and connections by addressing identified risks.


Provide safe public spaces and connections.


Educate and coach adolescents on sustainable and active mobility, safety, gender equity and spatial orientation.


Raise awareness, engage, and empower youth leaders to support and advocate for public policies that target safe and sustainable cities.


Establish partnerships including community, civil society and government and other stakeholders to contribute and progress the objectives of the project.


Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework to build evidence on the project’s impact.


Share evidence to feed, contribute, improve and scale city and national projects.


Health and well-being: The creation of safe spaces and connections improve the health and well-being of adolescents and their communities.

Participation and technology: Adolescents advocate for healthy cities, are involved in all stages of the project through technology and have the tools needed to improve public spaces and connections with a gender perspective.

Social cohesion building: The community, community leaders and the local stakeholders are involved in the project.

Knowledge and evidence building: The evidence on the impact of the project is documented and works as a reference for public policies and projects.

Tactical urbanism: Implement innovative low-cost solutions with contribution and ideas mainly from adolescents to create safety safer public spaces and connections.

Other Partners


Vivo Mi Calle is regenerating public spaces and routes to walk and bike that support the promotion of active mobility and guarantee public and road safety with a gender approach. We are transforming the relationship of these adolescents with their environment and their city.

Maria del Mar Solanilla, Road Safety Lead, Secretariat of MobilityColombia

Vivo Mi Calle is a transformation. A transformation of the environment, transformation of lives, transformation of community. This intervention erased invisible borders and made dreams come true

Jhony Fernández, Community LeaderColombia

Now I can move without fear of anything happening to me, fear of being robbed or fear of a motorcycle passing by at high speeds. My mom lets me go out and now I feel I can move alone

Kelly Alexandra, 10 years oldColombia

Focus Areas
  • Adolescents

  • Cities & Public Space

  • Health & Wellbeing

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