Da Nang at a Glance

With roughly one million residents, Da Nang is a vibrant industrial, commercial, financial, education, technological and tourist hub. With the strong leadership and commitment from the city leaders, Da Nang is on the path to become Viet Nam’s second Child Friendly City, along with Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang already has several building blocks in place, including an Action Programme for Implementation of Viet Nam’s Youth Strategy, which promotes youth-centered human resource development; strengthened education and life skills; application of new technology; vocational training and employment opportunities; improving health, fitness and stature; and promoting cultural and recreational activities.

Nearly half of Da Nang’s adolescents and youth are faced with a skills mismatch problem, with an education system that is outdated and unable to meet the needs of the market. Unemployment rates of young people aged 15-to-24 are nearly triple the national unemployment rate of 2.3%

Partners in Da Nang

Co-Creating Healthy Cities for Adolescents and Youth is conducted in two phases: co-creation and long term implementation. Co-creation in phase one will offer the opportunity to test the readiness of the city in conducting online consultation with Da Nang’s authority, related stakeholders, adolescents and young people to inform the development of a two-year project design document. The initial phase of discussions will kick-off the partnership and ensure a coherent understanding of the wider objectives of the Child Friendly Cities Initiative (CFCI) as well as the City Programme of Action on Children (CPAC) for Da Nang. Long term implementation in phase two will be informed by findings during co-creation.

Lead Partner


Youth Engagement

Child, adolescent, and youth focused city planning and budgeting processes.


Empowerment of adolescents and youth in decision making.


Effective implementation of a learning and knowledge agenda


A project design document and implementation plan, including a youth engagement plan for the next phase of 2021-2022, is developed with active and meaningful participation of adolescents and young people in Da Nang through virtual consultation and use of digital technology

Adolescents and youth are empowered to share experience on COVID-19 coping mechanisms and propose technology solutions to increase community awareness, to promote solidarity and to address key COVID-19 related issues

The City’s planning processes, development plans, budgets and social services have an inclusive, child and adolescent focus

Adolescents and youth, including the most marginalized, have the skills and are empowered to: influence community and city decision-making, enhance their employability and co-create solutions to pressing urban issues through innovative and technology-oriented approaches

A learning agenda is developed and implemented to capture, document and share learning and best practices.

Focus Areas
  • Adolescents

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Technology & Data

  • Governance

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